Sacred Ground

Body Mind Massage


   A Warm Welcome From

   Wendy S Truxal BA LMT

       License #5594

Transform your body and mind with integrated modalities of massage !

18 years of experience as a professional licensed massage therapist in Oregon bringing body work with integrated modalities of massage for body and mind relaxation.  Transform your life with the wisdom of your own body and mind integrating more fully.

  I am here to accompany you on this journey  with body work experience and  a lifetime of learning body and mind and spirit connections . Located in South Eugene since 1996.

Primary modalities for relaxation and pain reduction used : Swedish with medium deep pressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Fascia Work, Bowen, Table Thai, Cranial, Foot Reflexology, Therapeutic Essential oils,  Hot Stones, Body and Mind Wisdom blended together  with Energy Work and Spirit.


Develop positive body presence with regular body massage sessions . Liberate yourself with more softness in approaches to the difficulties life presents.  With a more comfortable body accept the limits of self and others.

Potentially open up exponentially more relaxation with the  body’s own wisdom. Integrate body and mind and energy


Located  at :

1390 Oak Street, Suite 4

Eugene, OR. 97401


on 2nd floor , accessed through stairs.

Electric massage table used providing  greater flexibility to access muscles and tendons and fascia  with choices of depth as needed .